Welp, the good news is my mom’s doing really well and she’s home from the hospital. (Talk about a revolving door!) It wasn’t cardiac arrest exactly, but it was, essentially, a minor heart attack. The bad news is, her t-wave has become inverted and she somehow managed to bust up an artery, so they had to stick a tube in her to help her blood flow. This is apparently the result of myocardial ischemia, which, sadly, is a symptom of heart disease (which her mother suffers from as well). They’ll be treating her as an outpatient and doing more tests throughout the week. She’s doing really well though and is relieved to be home in time for the seder. You shoulda heard her in the hospital—all she could think about was making sure the brisket was properly cooked and that someone picked up our cousin with down syndrome from the home and brought him to dinner. She can be so selfless—it’s a crime this should have happened to her.

Anyhow, thank you everyone, SOOOOOO incredibly much, for your prayers and good wishes. She and I are both convinced that they are wholly responsible for her speedy recovery. Peace and blessings to all of you.

Chag sameach and gut yomtov, and thanks again, truly.