Please daven for my mom

My mother suffered what may have been a heart attack earlier today after typically throwing a fit while preparing for Pesach. She’s in the hospital and her EKG is showing irregularities in her heart beat. If her heart doesn’t right itself by tomorrow she may need surgery. Please direct your positive vibrations towards Ita Zeisel bas Peska. She really could use it. Thanks.

19 thoughts on “Please daven for my mom

  1. Do Goys count? If so, Best wishes and prayers.
    Even if they don’t count, Best wishes and prayers.
    My Father-in-law had a quintuple bypass a few months ago. He’s in in mid-80’s, and just helped put up a new fence for us.
    Just thought a bit of fact-based encouragement wouldn’t go astray.

  2. Your mother will be on my mind. I shall certainly daven for her full and speedy recovery. All the very best to you and your family.

  3. You’re a nervy little shit, but I am writing your mother’s name down, and I will bring it to the shaliach tsibour to read out as a misheberach for 2 reasons. The most important of course is so that your Mom gets well. The second reason is, can you imagine a hard core sephardic moroccan guy trying to pronounce “Ita Zeisel?” In any case, you’re covered on the Sephardic end here.

  4. I send your mom my heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery! Refua’a Sheleima and Chag Kasher V’Sameach to everyone else!

  5. I will pray for your mom. I am sure it is sad for her to not be able to prepare Pesach. As a mom, I know that this would be the worst! Tell her you will make seder when she is better. We waited 40 years for Eretz Yisrael…your family can wait a few weeks and have seder with your mom! Or better yet…surprise her tonight and BRING seder to her if allowed.

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