New Phrase Coinage Alert: The Metrodox.

Jewsweek reports on the “new phenomenon” of urban frumsters who mix engagement with the big outside world with serious devotion to Torah. (I think they used to call that “Modern Orthodoxy”, but nobody asked me.) Something about the word appeals to me–probably the part in my head that’s confusing it with “metrosexual”–but I do take issue with their characterization of Metrodoxim as having to be all single. What happens when two get together–do they suddenly go fully haredi or hiloni? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, snippets below:

In this 35-block radius, nestled comfortably between Riverside and Central Parks, knit yarmulkes and long jean skirts are di rigueur. Not a surprising sight in New York, but when you consider the skirt is tight and low-riding and the knit yarmulke has fold creases from being in a pocket all day at work, then it’s a whole different ball of matzah.

They are in their 20’s, proud of their religion, and inventing their own unique brand of Judaism. They do the secular (travel, watch movies, go dancing) and they do the religious (have an active synagogue life, keep kosher, and study Torah). And they are all single. They are the Metrodox.

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