A new compilation by 18 Israeli artists and produced by alt.country artist David Peretz entitled ùéø æø (Shir Zarah), or Stranger Song, pays tribute to Leonard Cohen on the occasion of his 70th birthday by interpreting a number of his classic works in Hebrew. Featuring such artists as Billy Levy, Gabriel Belhassan, Morphlexis, Razi Ben-Ezer, and Sagol 59, the one-of-a-kind album is available exclusively for download from Israel’s leading indie music website, Hasharat Ha’Iver, or The Blind Janitor. (c/o Khen)

[Update] Click here to download the album in full (93.6MB ZIP including 18 MP3s). It is also available as a torrent here (c/o Asaf’s pop). Please leave the torrent open after downloading to facilitate seeding!