Theodor Herzl’s gravesite was vandalized this morning. The asshole responsible wrote “Neo-Nazis” and “Yossi Beilin” in the area surrounding the late Zionist leader’s grave. Beilin is the Israeli politician behind the Oslo Accords and the Geneva Accords.
What a muddled and ultimately idiotic political statement. I’m all for graffiti whether I agree with your statement or not, which in this case, I most certainly do not. But likening people making honest attempts to end this conflict to Nazis is not only counterproductive, it’s just plain stupid — especially if you’re trying to dispell the anti-Zionist world’s portrayal of Israelis as Nazis.
That being said, nobody fucks with Teddy’s grave! I hope they find the bastard and give him what for!
[Update] They wrote “Hitler” on Ben Gurion’s grave too. Ugh.