“The moment we knew we were going to eliminate them, we no longer saw them as human” the ex-commando, now a student, said. … “It was the first time I had killed and the first time I saw someone die. It was simply a pleasurable day”
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I wonder what he’s studying in school?
[Update] 7:50pm EST – A more extensive article appears in NY Newsday. More unfortunate details emerge:
“One soldier, from the Yael reconnaissance unit, described a “crazy blood revenge rush” on the day of the attacks. “I really enjoyed it” … “The idea was simply to kill them all,” the soldier said. “Whenever they [appeared] we would kill them, regardless whether armed or not.” … Avichahy Sharon, a former Israeli soldier and activist with Breaking the Silence, said yesterday … he did not expect any criminal charges to result from the soldiers’ revelations. “I don’t believe there would be any charges, as this goes right to the top, to the minister of defense. This was a policy decision, and we hope it will open up a debate.”