First, I would like to present a really compelling artist’s website that I recently found randomly: Art is meant to be provocative, right ?
Additionally, here are five compelling films dealing with different aspects of the Israel/Palestine experience which are available for download via bit torrent if you have broadband

Machssomim (2003) Documentary filmmaker Yoav Shamir’s depiction of the checkpoints that the Israel Defense Forces man in the occupied territories.
The Inner Tour (2001) Documentarian Ra’anan Alexandrowicz accompanies an Arab / Palestinian tour group on a three-day sight-seeing trip to Israel. This one is incredible.
Writers on the Borders – (2002) Eight internationally renowned writers, poets and intellectuals — including American novelist Russell Banks and Nobel laureates Jose Saramago and Wole Soyinka — traveled to the West Bank and Gaza to visit poet Mahmoud Darwish and observe the state of the Palestinians living there.
Aftershock (2004) A film about four soldiers — Ehud, Haim, Omri and Haliva — who served in the occupied territories during the first intifada and were interviewed by Yariv Horowitz, who at the time had been given a mission by the IDF to make a film for the Educational Corps. The army hoped the film would boost morale in Nablus, but after they saw it they decided to censor it, for as soon as Horowitz turned on the camera, “Things were said that would get everyone into trouble.” Over a decade later Horowitz decided he couldn’t wait any longer. He had already been waiting for 12 years. So he decided to pick up his old videotape and camera and revisit his former comrades to make a film about them. This is it.
Ford Transit (2002) The movie folows Rajai, a minivan driver as he shuttles regular people across the occupied territories. On trips from the roadblock in Ramallah to the roadblock in Jerusalem, we get to hear analysis of the situation by all kinds of random civilians – people from diferent religions, origins, and levels of class.

No matter what ideology you subscribe to, I think you will find these films very informative, moving and thought-provoking. I’d love to hear some reactions if any of you manage to view them or have seen them already!