The Jewish-Illuminatus connection: Revealed!

Hot off disinfo.com, the secret history of the Jewish-illuminatus connection. With specific details!
Important chapters from Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman’ s To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. I:

“Knigge refers to religious authorities as cheats who bow to superstition and fanaticism. He advocates a slow overthrow of religion so that the fanatics will not be alarmed and will not be aware of what is going on. Of Jewish mysticism he declares:

“The Jewish Theosophy was a mystery; like the Eleusinian, or the Pythagorean, unfit for the vulgar.”

check out:
Judah the Pious:A Secret Believer
The Rothschild-Frankist Money Link
To Eliminate the Opiate: Chapter 8: The Illuminati And Haskala:

“Sensual pleasures were restored to the rank they held in the Epicurean philosophy. Self-murder was justified on Stoical principles. In the Lodges death was declared an eternal sleep; patriotism and loyalty were called narrow-minded prejudices, and incompatible with universal benevolence; continual declamations were made on liberty and equality as the unalienable rights of man.”
“The baneful influence of accumulated property was declared an insurmountable obstacle to the happiness of any nation whose chief laws were framed for its protection and increase.”

Jews and Freemasons in Europe: Chapter 1: The Problem and Its Background and, the dated but still saucy Is John Kerry a Frankist too?
In Yeshiva growing up, there was an unexplained terror of the sinister conspiritorial undertones of the early haskala and reform movement. Having grown up a bit, I became sceptical of exactly how malicious Enlightenment scholars had been to established orthodoxies, and so, it’s exciting for me to see detailed articles pulling together some of my favorite threads, from radical revolutionary antinomianism, to baby killing elite cults with Kabbalistic overtones that make a little bit too much sense to my chassidis addled heart. Do any of these ideas sound familiar?

5 thoughts on “The Jewish-Illuminatus connection: Revealed!

  1. From the site re Bolshevik Jews’ judicial murders of Russians:
    “The result of this was the “Law on Those Involved in Pogroms” of 27 July 1918. In accordance with this law, a monstrous Zionist terror raged in Russia for ten years: a person accused of anti-Semitism was, without any argument being allowed, declared to be involved in pogroms and placed against the wall to be shot.
    Not only anti-Zionists, but the best representatives of the intelligentsia of Russia, could be accused of being anti-Semitic, and so too could anyone one felt like accusing of it. People saw who was exercising power in Russia and expressed their discontent with it. 90% of the members of the Cheka – the Soviet security organ, 1918-1922 – were Zionists.
    Apart from the law on those involved in pogroms, the Zionists practised genocide against the ethnic groups inhabiting Russia, and they did so by accusing people of counter-revolutionary activities, sabotage, and so on, irrespective of whether or not the people in question really had conducted such activities. It was standard practice merely to put them against the wall to be shot.”

  2. The World is Run By HASSIDIC Jews! (originally posted on http:www.jewfro.co.uk)- check out http://www.totallyplc.com/boar… Grand Rabbi Y.A.Korff, Non Executive Director of totallyplc.com (those that brought you http://www.TotallyJewish.com, the Jewish News, etc…) The Rebbe is Chaplain of The City of Boston, spiritual leader of the Zvhil – Mezbuz Beis Medrash of Boston and Newton Ctre, and a Judge on Boston’s Rabbinical Court of Justice. In addition to serving as an advisor to elected officials and numerous busineses in the US and abroad, he served as President of National Amusements, and as Director and Executive Vice-President of media-entertainment company Viacom International Inc !!!!! those who bring you :- http://www.viacom.com/

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