Haaretz reports,

Sixty-eight percent of Israeli Jews would refuse to live in the same apartment building as an Israeli Arab, according to the results of an annual poll released Wednesday by the Center for the Struggle Against Racism.
The “Index of Racism Towards Arab Palestinian Citizens of the State of Israel,” conducted by Geocartographia, revealed on 26 percent of Jews in Israel would agree to live with Arab neighbors in the same building.
Forty-six percent of Jews would refuse to allow an Arab to visit their home while 50 percent would welcome an Arab visitor. Forty-one percent of Jewish support the segregation of Jews and Arabs in places of recreation and 52 percent of such Jews would oppose such a move.

Great. We’re worse than the French.
Is it any wonder Kadima would lose seven seats if it included an Arab candidate? Or that a man who promotes ethnic cleansing will get 57,000 votes in next week’s election? Should we be surprised by the attempted lynching by Hareidim of two Arab cab drivers this Purim? Or, as noted earlier today, that a leading Rabbi incited racial hatred in response to the opening of a co-existence school, claiming an Arab’s only purpose is to build and clean?
Can we so easily brush off the US State Department’s findings of “institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens?”
When do we acknowledge that we have a problem?