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Spot On: Jewish Funds for Justice presents jspot.org

I am pleased to welcome the latest addition to the progressive Jewish blogging community, jspot.org, “the spot for Jewish perspectives on contemporary issues of social and economic justice.” jspot.org is a project of Jewish Funds for Justice and features the blogging talents of Mik Moore, Ben Ross, Jeremy Burton, Rabbi Jill Jacobs (a contributor to Radical Torah), Lauren Thomas, Noah Winer and Simon Greer.

jspot’s focus is on domestic issues only; no foreign policy, no Middle East, no Israel. We hope to direct some attention to the problems faced by those living in the United States without access to quality health care, housing, education, childcare, or a clean environment; those who work for low-wages, in unstable jobs, or are unemployed; those who struggle against discrimination and bigotry; those who are victims of violence and abuse. We hope to celebrate and scrutinize the efforts to address these problems; to offer varied perspectives and new ideas.

Designed by Matzat — the folks behind Jewschool, Radical Torah and Corner Prophets — jspot.org joins a host of new weblogs launched in recent months which emphasize progressive political voices in the Jewish community, including the Meretz USA blog, the New Israel Fund’s NIForum, the National Jewish Democratic Committe’s blog and Leonard Fine’s The Conversation, a project of Peace Now.
Mazal tov to JFSJ, and welcome to the family!

7 thoughts on “Spot On: Jewish Funds for Justice presents jspot.org

  1. Oh. Guess we’re your bastard child, eh? Good to know.
    Was the neocon/marzel thing a swipe at us? Cause if you’d check out the site you gave birth to, you might not have such prejudiced opinions. Hell, you might even think of weighing opinions you don’t automatically agree with and learn something new.
    Stepping out of the choir for a bit is a good thing.

  2. sheesh and you accuse me of being paranoid… i wasn’t even referring to you, but it’s good to see in what high regard you hold me in.
    because, after all, i live in downtown jerusalem, which we all know, is the berkeley of the middle east — baruch marzel is the may queen and orange is the new tie dye — and i read the jerusalem post every day, which we all know is really a front for international communist groups. clearly i’m wearing horseblinders and i never step outside my lefty bubble.
    i had even started writing my response to your magazine proposal yesterday… so much for amicability.

  3. Paranoid? No. Just going off of the fact that you’ve called BoZ and myself both neo-cons and righties in the past, and noticing that out of all of your other projects we’ve yet to be linked from this site.
    Bubbles don’t just exist–they’re formed. You can be in a Jewish bubble in the middle of red-state kansas, for example. Showing front and center that different opinions exist–bursting the ideological bubble–is what BoZ is about w the sublogs…we’re not one alternative jewish site but many alternatives in one.
    And thanks for looking over the sheet–it’s very old, a few months, and I wasn’t sure you got it because I never received an email in reply. Now that I know you might be interested, I’ll send you the more updated version.
    As for amicability, feh. As Sarah can attest, Robbie taught last night at JTS that intimacy comes with friction. Which brings us back to the reisha.

  4. i honestly hadn’t even realized blogs of zion wasn’t in the blogroll. that was an honest mistake on my part. i did blog the launch and i haven’t given sarah any trouble about blogging the hell out of you lately. its there now — and under the coveted chevra title.
    i’ve also just conducted a thorough search of jewschool and neither the words ariel beery and neocon, neocons, and/or neoconservative, nor blogs of zion and the variations of neocon, ever appear; nor could i find any instance in which i called you right-wing.
    maybe you’re just reeling from the guilt of being a faux liberal. 😛

  5. Nice–we’re happy you added us to the family! I guess the email account I have of yours must be wrong, because the emails I sent must have not arrived.
    Although you have accused me of certain ideological tendencies in the past, no worries at all. Coming from a movement that was Stalinist at one point (my father still remembers the day my grandfather, crying, removed the picture of Stalin from above the livingroom table), I’m used to people claiming my disloyalty to the creed.
    Guess I’m just not good at following the party line.

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