Haaretz reports,

Everyone in Italy wanted to forget the “Duce’s other woman”: the Fascists, because she was Jewish; their opponents, because she was Fascist; and the family, because she became an embarrassing historical burden. As a result, Margherita Sarfatti’s story slipped out of the public awareness, and along with it her central role in Italian fascism and the Duce’s life.
Today, more than 60 years after the Fascist dictator was executed, Sarfatti’s descendants prefer to view her as an intellectual and a patron of the arts, who worked to distanced Italy from the Nazi danger and was forced to flee to Argentina when Benito Mussolini implemented the race laws. They did not hear from her about the 20 years in which she shared Mussolini’s doctrine and bed.

If you think that’s wild, check out this racy shit out from her 66 year-old granddaughter:

Before the interview gets under way, the hostess receives a phone call. “I am being interviewed for an Israeli paper,” she apologizes, and adds, “No, no, the ‘good’ paper.” Ippolita Gaetani and her two sisters, Sancia and Margherita, are identified with the Italian left and are quite active on behalf of the Palestinian cause.
[…] “In my opinion, if the blacks and not the Jews had been persecuted then, many Jews would still be fascists … In fact, it is the same today. Many Jews in Italy are fascists, because fascism is far closer to today’s Israel; they are persecuting the Arabs. If you go to the Rome Ghetto today, you will see that part of the Rome Jewish community is truly fascist, fascist in its mentality, in the head. And the situation in the Middle East complicates matters. They accuse everyone who speaks out against Israel of being anti-Semitic. And in Italian politics they are far closer to the right than to the left.”

Sure, being the granddaughter of Mussolini’s pilegesh and a Left-wing firebrand doesn’t make you an expert on fascism, but on the other end of things, you have self-appointed experts on fascism who direct their invective at the PA. So I guess all’s fair in love and war…
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