NY Post Fudges: No Hasidic Cop

JTA reports,

A report that the New York Police Department had admitted a fervently Orthodox man to its academy is untrue.
Brooklyn native Joel Witriol applied to the academy, which began its latest training Monday, but was not accepted, as the New York Post erroneously reported.
Witriol did not have enough college credits to be accepted into the program. He may reapply at a later date.

6 thoughts on “NY Post Fudges: No Hasidic Cop

  1. i think its funnier how the jewish media and all the silly bloggies went grape nuts over this story and beat it to a dead horse before twilight

  2. I hope and think he will become a policeman. The guy clearly has ambition, and just needs to bolster his secular education, and will become one of NY’s Frummest.

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