As the violence escalates, it’s important to turn to people on the ground to give us a sense of what daily life is like beyond the headlines. American Rabbinical Student Alissa Wise is in Palestine for the summer and you can read her updates at the aptly named Palestinian Talmud.
Here’s what Alissa had to say on Sunday after her visit to Mas’ha, a Palestinian village in the Northern West Bank near the green line:

In the village of Mas’ha, which has been severely devastated by the building of the Wall, the home of Hani and Munira is in a cage. Let me be perfectly clear: the house is surrounded on all four sides by either a razor wire fence or a large concrete Wall and is under constant surveillance by the Israeli army.
It was on April 23, 2003 that the bulldozers arrived to the village of Mas’ha to begin building the Wall. When they arrived they found a peace camp composed of the residents of Mas’ha as well as Israeli and international supporters. The peace camp lasted a few months; participants lived there, displayed an exhibition about the Wall, and obstructed the route of the Wall. Unfortunately, this peace camp did not succeed in stopping the construction of the Wall, which ended up eating up 98% of Mas’ha’s land between the fence and the Green Line, mostly olive tree groves.

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