Jack Abramoff, meet Lord Levy

Edited, because I was being a jerk. Apologies to fellow contributor, David Kelsey, who I quoted out of context, then needled.
Lord Levy, Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser, was arrested yesterday for “selling honours in return for party donations or loans.” And while Chai Patel, Barry Townsley, Sir David Garrard and Sir Gulam Noon were also potential suspects or witnesses, it’s Lord Levy who has been given the Black Hat, so to speak.
The Guardian is saying they don’t think Tony Blair will be able to survive this scandal. And by calling it ‘The Levy Effect’, it becomes a Jew’s fault that this British administration falls apart.
David Icke can breathe easy. I don’t think there’s gonna be too many of us at the top much longer. We’re rapidly losing our cachet.

12 thoughts on “Jack Abramoff, meet Lord Levy

  1. “Jews are disproportionately heavy at the top of many businesses and government organizations. ”
    “And Jews are disproportionately represented in high-level positions in business and government.
    Let Christians and people of color emulate our fine example, if we continue on this path and do reject meritocracy, a system which has failed the American Jewish community terribly. ”

  2. Monk, I was being sardonic. I am against affirmitive action, and felt Jewish affirmitive action was a bad example to set.
    Did you really not understand this? Do you really think this is okay? To make up positions I don’t hold and present them to our readers in my name? If we were in to this sort of thing, we would have TM of Jewlicious write for us.
    This is quite dishonest.

  3. If you don’t want your words used in a way you don’t like, don’t type them.
    Your thesis, for better or worse, included these phrases. Makes a hell of a soundbite.

  4. Monk,
    It still isn’t clear to me whether this was an accident or not. You have been known to, shall we say, skim articles in the past.
    But you own me an apology, and instead you are being quite flip.
    Unlike you, I like to make sure I understand what my opponent is saying. So am I to understand that instead of being a mensch, and rectifying the situation, you would prefer things to escalate?

  5. David
    You’re right. I’m being sophomoric.
    Just because I generally disagree with you doesn’t give me the right to be a prick.
    Which I am being.
    I’ll edit. We can leave the commentary as testament to my prickdom.

  6. If we were in to this sort of thing, we would have TM of Jewlicious write for us.
    This is quite dishonest.

    I’m not for hire. I’m also full of integrity and honesty. Nice to see this on my first visit to your site in a long time.

  7. Just so we’re clear, I am in no way a supporter of the Blair government in general or Lord Levy specifically. That said, as a resident of the UK, I do find it somewhat troubling that a) a comment piece from the Guardian has been used as factual ‘news’ to support someone’s thesis and opinion, b) said opinion requires that we automatically assume that Lord Levy is indeed guilty, and c) whilst violence escalates and our Jewish brothers are kidnapped by terrorists we navel gaze at supposed ‘overrepresentation’ at the highest levels of government.
    So, firstly, here’s an article that is actually news and not opinion that hopefully provides a more balanced view to Lord Levy’s arrest.
    Secondly, whatever happened to the American tradition of ‘innocent until proven guilty’? I am no supporter of Lord Levy or the Labour party, and I doubt very much that I will be on Lord Levy’s Hanukkah card list, but he was arrested for questioning and nothing more. I will reserve comment (and judgment, thanks very much) until he has been formally charged and found either innocent or guilty in a court of law.
    Finally, I am very disappointed that with the crisis ensuing and quickly escalating with Hezbollah, Lebanon, et al to say nothing of the IDF soldiers who have been kidnapped, to have seen nothing of any substance don Jewschool. Instead we seem content to bash ourselves regarding the old canard of ‘too many yidden at the top’. Shame on us.

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