I Want My Hezbullah TV!
There are many topics to debate about in Israel’s war against Hezbullah.  Both morally and strategically.
But what is not (I would hope) up for debate is the legitimacy of Hezbullah itself. 
Having said that, Hezbullah TV itself is clearly part of the democratic free press community that the fundamentalist Islamic world is known and admired for.
Take Al-Manar.
Certainly you shouldn’t expect a leader of the International Federation of Journalists to recognize a qualitative difference between a mouthpiece for a terrorist organization and say, CNN.
And they do not. Not one bit.

“The bombing of Al-Manar is a clear demonstration that Israel has a policy of using violence to silence media it does not agree with,” said IFJ General Secretary Aidan White. “This action means media can become routine targets in every conflict. It is a strategy that spells catastrophe for press freedom and should never be endorsed by a government that calls itself democratic.”

Shockingly, “press freedom” for Al-Manar has been denied by staunch Zionist Entity supporters such as…France.   Which IFJ dismisses by noting, along with their ties to Hezbullah. Al-Manar’s, not France.
Some have expressed anger that the IFJ has not seen fit to condemn Hezbullah for targeting Israeli journalists with rockets.
But that’s ridiculous. Al-Manar never claimed to be pro-Democracy or a bastion of free speech!
It simply isn’t constructive for Israelis to get so upset about one little double standard and focus on applying hurtful labels, such as who is or isn’t a terrorist organization.  Bombing is not the way to express a different opinion to that of a “media organization.”
Especially during war time!  We should agree to disagree.
Clearly if the Israelis knock out the communications mouthpiece of Hezbollah, Hezbollah has already won.
At least in the U.S., let us not give the terrorists victory.  We should be offering Al Qaeda a public access show in all major metropolitan areas, and allow them to explain their side, as well as attempt to recruit Americans, and instruct them why and how to create bombs, gas subways, and destroy tall buildings.
Anything to make the IFJ happy. 
Tragically, some misguided Israeli journalists do not understand that IFJ is merely trying to build a better tomorrow for all media everywhere, and six immediately submitted their resignation.