I deleted a comment yesterday left on Orthodox Anarchist by a Montreal resident calling himself “fuc israel” who, in the same breath, called “Zionist Jews” “Nazis,” praised Hizbullah, and wished for the Jews’ extermination.
Note to “fuc israel,” let alone the fact that Hizbullah’s backers renamed their country Iran (persian for aryan) as a salute to the Nazis, when you call for the extermination of another people, it is you who holds the most in common with Nazis. No one should be exterminated by anyone. How’s that?
But, ah, those kooky Canucks. Little Green Footballs (granted, hardly a beacon of tempered thought and criticism — in fact, we’ve reamed them so many times on Jewschool that they redirect all traffic from the site to the IDF’s homepage) posted this lovely photo (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser) of a man at last week’s anti-Israel rally in Montreal sporting some rather stylish Hizbullah fashions in an expression of solidarity with a group which has proclaimed the present conflict “the beginning of the end for Israel.”
Likewise, a JTA newsbrief reported earlier today,

The Israeli-Hezbollah conflict is having repercussions in Canada, according to B’nai Brith Canada.
The group says anti-Semitic incidents have increased in recent days, including a bomb threat against a synagogue, the stoning of worshippers emerging from evening prayers and a Jewish family being sent a decapitated pig.

Wow. That last one’s pretty original.
Not to worry, “fuc israel,” Canadians like yourself aren’t alone in making bad Nazi analogies. They now ascend from every corner where colonialists, fascists, racists, and antisemites are hunting for excuses to erase the guilt of their pasts (and presents). Despite the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia declaring “comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” a manifestation of contemporary antisemitism, thus far a British parliamentarian with the Conservative party compared Israel’s actions in Lebanon to the Nazi razing of the Warsaw ghetto; likewise, an unattributed editorial in the South African Mail & Guardian made a similar comparison to Lidice; and in the greatest affront to both sense and history, Dutch Socialist party leader Jan Marijnissen told Penthouse that Islamic terrorism is akin to WWII-era resistance against Nazism. This sentiment was apparently not lost on Greek protesters in Athens, who chanted “Hizbullah! Hizbullah!” while lobbing rocks, bottles, flares and molotov cocktails at the Israeli embassy. (After all, such behavior, in no way, substantiates Israel’s fierce response against those who overtly state their desire to destroy it.)
Recalling Hizbullah’s attacks on Argentina’s Israeli embassy in 1992 and a Jewish community center in 1994 (let alone the recent actions of countless useful idiots who, once again, decry Jewish nationalism as racist and Israel’s [overzealous and disproportionate] self-defense as illegitimate, while championing Islamic nationalism and acts of terrorism against civilians as legitimate acts of resistance) Israel on monday warned international Jewish communities to brace themselves for attack, moving Jewish institutions around the world towards a heightened state of alert.
Joy of joys.
Fuck Hizbullah and all its cheerleaders. Fuck ’em all right in the ear.