LA Times reports on Elfriede Lina Rinkel, age 83, a former dog handler at the Ravensbruck slave labor camp for women between 1944 and 1945. Shortly aftershe married Fred William Rinkel, a German Jewish refugee from the war, and relocated to the States, particularly San Francisco.
And never told her husband about it.
Now, I’m in an interfaith/interacial marriage, and yeahm there’s some things we keep from one another. But I kind of doubt this would be one of them.
Apparently, the Justice Department agrees. Especially Agency Director Eli Rosenbaum, who said “her presence in the United States nevertheless was an affront to surviving Holocaust victims who have made new homes in this country.”
Alison Dixon, her attorney, counters, “”She was trying to atone for actions in the past… she married a Jewish man, and she gave to Jewish charities.”
I can’t call it. As the High Holy Days approach and we’re all sort of tested for the merits of our character, how do we judge such a situation? What kind of punishment do you mete? Should there even be punishment, given the bulk of her life spent with her Juden love?