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More on George Allen

Can we disinherit him? According to JTA’s breaking news, “U.S. Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) acknowledged he has Jewish roots.
‘I embrace and take great pride in every aspect of my diverse heritage, including my Lumbroso family line’s Jewish heritage, which I learned about from a recent magazine article and my mother confirmed,’ Allen said in a statement on his Web site.
He added, ‘I was raised as a Christian and my mother was raised as a Christian.’”
Well. At least the last statement appears to be true.
JTA continues:
His supporters booed the reporter, Peggy Fox of WUSA-TV, and he said he was “glad” they had done so. He accused Fox of “casting aspersions” and said he upheld freedom of religion.
Right. Proud of his heritage. Well, George, we’re “proud ” of you too.

One thought on “More on George Allen

  1. Well Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth aka Macaca got the last laugh:
    “Larry J. Sabato, an oft-quoted political pundit who teaches a small, popular seminar on campaigns and elections, said he asked students to write an essay as part of the admission process. Eighty people applied for the course, including Sidarth. His essay was just three words long — but it was enough to clinch one of the 20 coveted spots in the class.
    “I am Macaca,” he wrote.”
    So it looks like Mr. Sidarth has a promising career path ahead of him while Allen will hopefully be voted out of office.

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