Not the Nazi-busters.
Yep, Judge Wolfgang Kuellmer of Stuttgart ruled that the anti-neo-nazi symbol, the one of a swastika with a line through it ala the Ghostbusters symbol, ruled that using the symbol with a clearly negative depiction of it in the form of anti-nazi paraphanalia was illegal and fined the maker and distributor of the material. The reason why, Judge?

“In particular this mass market business risked undermining its taboo status,”


Green party member of parliament, Claudia Roth, herself once investigated by the Stuttgart authorities for wearing an anti-Nazi lapel pin, said the ruling was unjustified.
“This ruling is scandalous,” she said. “It is a form of autism which completely ignores the real problems of right wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism in this country.”

I personally don’t condone using autism as an insult at all. I would say silly or foolish there instead.