7 thoughts on “Borat Goes To Washington

  1. Two best things about this video:
    1) I love that the reporter continually mispronounces “Borat,” it is as if he has never seen an Ali G sketch, or heard of him at all until the words came across the teleprompter.
    2)When Borat claims that the President of Khazakstan came to DC specifically to promote Borat’s movie.

  2. I think its brilliant. Barron-Cohen has turned a short sketch from an obscure tv show into an international incident. What could be better press than that? Can’t wait to see the film.

  3. too bad the movie is premiering during election week, i’ll probably have to wait to see it.
    i am astounded that sacha b-c was able to do a legit press conference without cracking a smile. truly amazing.
    it seems the clip takes place next to the Releigious Action Center of Reform Judaism, where Tikkun Leil Shabbat meets.

  4. As I have said before…as soon as France brings Blake Edwards and the estate of Peter Sellers to justice for Inspector Clouseau, the good people of Kazakhstan and their president can have their day in court.

  5. In Lebanon:
    A young boy was killed a few days ago climbing a tree to grab an apple. While shaking the branches, he dislodged an unexploded bomblet. It detonated on his head.
    Way to go Isreal! No wonder your neighbors love you!

  6. So Brian is an illiterate anti-Semite who can’t even spell ‘Israel’ correctly? Oy…. given how left wing this site is, this kind of stupidity is infuriating….

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