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Protocols of Zion Torrent

Gpod — possibly the best weblog for counterculture audio and video content — has a link to a torrent of Mark Levin’s Protocols of Zion, a film which discusses the resurgence of antisemitism in the post-9/11 world (and which, incidentally, gives a shoutout to Jewschool for initiating the Jooglebomb).
I, of course, don’t advocate “stealing” Mr. Levin’s film, however having an opportunity for a free “international” screening (particularly now that it’s airing on HBO) creates a unique opportunity for Jewschool readers and contributors alike to have a discussion around the film, and that, in turn, is great PR for Mr. Levin. So, with that trade-off in mind, download it, watch it, delete it, and tell us your thoughts.
Related: Heeb‘s Joshua Neuman reviews Protocols in Slate. Balaam’s Donkey’s puff piece on the film for Jewschool. CinemaJ’s review.

3 thoughts on “Protocols of Zion Torrent

  1. Since it’s Yom Kippur tonight, I’ll forgive you for that little link there, Mobius……

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