From my favorites, the folks over at the Judy Miller Times:

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19 — It is fair to say that in a neighborhood largely populated with Orthodox Jews, it is rather unconventional to have a life-size Santa perched on the edge of the roof of a house, attached to a microphone and bellowing, “What is this Hanukkah you speak of?”
Ms. Loomis-Shrier, with her son, Hunter, said that some people were offended by her holiday display but that it was her right to put it up.
It is particularly noteworthy that the Santa, and the elaborate Christmas display in which he rests, sits outside the home of a Jewish family, sparking the curiosity, and occasional ire, of neighbors.
“Some people are so offended, you have no idea,” said Mary Loomis-Shrier, who has long erected the giant display on a lovely street south of Hollywood. “But some of my neighbors think it is great. Some of their kids drop their list of toys in my mailbox. I don’t care because I love it, and it is my right.”

So many things to say. What odds will you give me that she’s on Bill O’Reilly’s show tonight… especially when he reads this:

“Ms. Loomis-Shrier, who with her husband runs the famous Hollywood undergarments outpost Trashy Lingerie”

One serious concern that jumps into my head: does she know she’s about to become the poster child for every single Chistian fundamentalist that wants to take the separation out of “separation of church and state”?