I just received the following from a listerv. It’s 100% anonymous and participants need not be shomer negiah or observant of family purity laws in order to participate. However, if you’re someone who goes on tefillin dates (you crash at someone’s house after having sex with him/her, but you bring you tefillin with you since you will need to daven first thing in the morning), or you’re someone who is following the laws of family purity outside a legal marriage, you’re definitely someone that the people conducting the survey are looking for:

This study investigates the issue of premarital touching in Judaism (“Negiah”) among Jewish women and men. In addition to providing data as to what is going on, we hope to gain some insight as to why.
You are hereby invited to participate as a subject in a research project entitled “Observance of Family Purity amongst Single and Married Jews” conducted by Mark Guterman, and Orit Avishai Bentovim, a graduate student in the Sociology Department in the University of California at Berkeley, working under Professor Barrie Thorne of the Department of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley, in the United States.
The survey and full information is at: http://www.jewishsurveys.org/

p.s. unfortunately, they are clearly out of touch, since “My level of observance” is followed by a list of denominations. aren’t the researchers looking at people that don’t fall into categories?