Genre: PeaceMaker is a role-playing game with a high level view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is not a first-person shooter.A Positive Message: The goal of the player as the leader is to establish a stable resolution to the conflict and win the Nobel Prize before his or her term in office ends. The difficulty level can range from calm to violent.
Play Both Perspectives: the player takes on the role of either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President. After playing as one of the leaders, the player should then play the other side, this provides a unique perspective.
Playing the News: The player must react to in-game events, from diplomatic negotiations to military attacks or suicide bombs. These events such as an Israeli military operation in Jenin or a Palestinian suicide bomb in Jerusalem are represented using real news footage and images.
Other Actors: There are eight internal and external “actors” such as Hamas, the Israeli/Palestinian public, the US, the UN or the Arab world. Every action will immediately affect all stakeholders. They might act on their own interest and damage the player’s efforts.
The Path to Peace: While the game starts as a zero-sum game, the key to success is to gain momentum and create a win-win scenario.

Available for download for $20. I started a game. It’s hard.