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New Jewish Comedians

Ever since the Borat hype died down, I was wondering where I was going to get my next fix of hilariously offensive Jewish comedians.
My first dose came a few weeks ago with the launch of Rav Shmuel’s cartoon/music video of his song “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are True” which I heard a few years back when he first debeaued it at the Sidewalk Cafe:

And now…tonight…finally…is anyone else as excited for the premire of the Sarah Silverman Show tonight? Ever since her 2005 film Jesus is Magic, we’ve been wondering what else we’d get from her. If you were lucky, you caught her on “The View” today admitting her older sister Susan is a rabbi and very “Jewish” (Jewish was said in a whisper, like how people often say the word “cancer”). If you want to see a real interview with her that show’s that she’s actually an intelligent professional and not the self-hating Jew your grandma may want to label her as, check out last week’s village voice.

8 thoughts on “New Jewish Comedians

  1. I was really disappointed by it last night. It was mostly boring except for the last 10 seconds or so, where she reverted to her ‘Jesus is Magic’ character.

  2. Rav Shmuel rocks a crowd of college students like I’ve never seen. He performed last year at the Jewlicious @ the Beach conference, and will be back again for more. Video’s funny, the album’s quirky cool folky…
    As for Sarah, you probably know that her sister Susan is married to Yossi Abramowitz, founder of JFLmedia…

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