2009 Hazon Food Conference Begins Tomorrow–Look here for live blogging

Tomorrow afternoon commences the fourth, not third as I previously wrote, Hazon Food Conference.
Beginning tomorrow evening (local time), I will be blogging on the sessions and workshops I participate in, along with my thoughts. I will do my best to attend sessions from a diverse array of perspectives. Looking forward to seeing anyone out there who will be present or is already there!
Enjoy this video from last year’s conference featuring our own Ari Hart.

And if you’re already near Monterey, CA or feeling particularly spontaneous, it’s still not to late to register.

3 thoughts on “2009 Hazon Food Conference Begins Tomorrow–Look here for live blogging

  1. How can Hazon conference organizers discuss learning about Shmita in Israel and come back feeling “inspired”? The State of Israel`s `Separation Wall` is currently cutting through Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank, annexing huge amounts of land for settler development. Olive groves and other farmland is being razed! If the bulldozers don`t do it, settlers are setting fire to Palestinian land to discourage people from even trying to return. How can a truly holistic food justice movement talk about ethical cultivation techniques without connecting food sources to issues of colonization, gentrification, and unjust land development at home OR abroad? This is not to discourage involvement in a food movement driven by Jewish ethics. But, these ethics require us to look further and pursue justice no matter how controversial or complex. There are many Jews and Israelis, including members of Anarchists Against the Wall, Machsom Watch, Ta`ayush, and others who actively show solidarity with the Palestinan non-violent resistance movement, notably by showing support for weekly demonstrations against the Separation Wall. What better way to honour the directives of Shmita than to work to resist the outright destruction of farmland?

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