Announcing the New Israel Fund New Generations Facilitation Fellowship (San Francisco)

The San Francisco New Israel Fund’s New Generations Leadership Council is in the process of launching the New Generations Facilitation Fellowship to equip a small group of young Jewish leaders with the  skills to  strengthen the capacity of NIF and other Jewish communal organizations to host meaningful dialogue and deliberation about Israel throughout the Bay Area.
The fellowship will begin in late November with four months of training before the fellows facilitate at the  next Love, Hate & the Jewish State event in February. Then, to achieve greater impact throughout the Bay Area, NIF will support the fellows in designing and convening their own conversation events across the region.
For more information and to apply, click here.


2 thoughts on “Announcing the New Israel Fund New Generations Facilitation Fellowship (San Francisco)

  1. I’m puzzled why SF.
    Wouldn’t (take your pick) LA, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta or Boston have been a better choice (after NY, of course)?
    And with a median age of 38.5 SF is hardly the place for any org called ‘New Generations’ to get involved with, don’t you think?
    If NIF needs help in picking a place with actual young Jewish people, I’d be glad to offer suggestions.

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