30 Ways to Eat a Pumpkin

OK, random I know, but it fits within the theme of Sukkot right? Sure, why not–I’m sure some of you cooking enthusiasts will enjoy:

When’s the last time you sank your spoon into a finely wrought pumpkin Crème Brulee? Or woke to a steaming plate of pumpkin pancakes? Whether you have or haven’t, we’re sure you’ll find something new to devour in this list of the top 30 pumpkin recipes, as cooked up by Search…
1. Pumpkin Recipes
2. Pumpkin Pie
3. Pumpkin Cookies
4. Pumpkin Bread
5. Pumpkin Soup
6. Pumpkin Seeds
7. Pumpkin Cheesecake
8. Pumpkin Muffins
9. Pumpkin Roll Recipe
10. Pumpkin Cake
11. Canned Pumpkin Recipes
12. Pumpkin Pancakes
13. Pumpkin Bars Recipe
14. Pumpkin Jam
15. Pumpkin Dip
16. Pumpkin Spice Cake
17. Pumpkin Butter Recipe
18. Pumpkin Spice Coffee
19. Pumpkin Ice Cream
20. Pumpkin Brownies
21. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll
22. Pumpkin Dump Cake
23. Pumpkin Ale
24. Pumpkin Desserts
25. Pumpkin Cupcakes
26. Pumpkin Crème Brulee
27. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
28. Pumpkin Ravioli Recipe
29. Pumpkin Fudge
30. Pumpkin Beer

Mmm…pumpkins 🙂
indeed, pumpkin creme brulee is a good way way into my heart — you gotta admit if someone makes you pumpkin creme brulee that’s just sexy. lol

10 thoughts on “30 Ways to Eat a Pumpkin

  1. I would like to add to the list the site that I run for the Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario (of which I am a member)
    And, then there’s
    I spent this Sukkot travelling to giant pumpkin competitions. Yesterday, I carved (more like “sculpted”) a 662.5 pound pumpkin for a local fair. There weren’t a lot of “obvious” Jews there. But, I made a point of wishing a Chag Sameach to those that were.
    Alas, my quest to become the Jewish pumpkin champ will go unfulfilled for another season. Although the pumpkins that I grow are not winners, it’s amazing to see them grow from a seed the size of your thumbnail (depending on the size of your thumb, I suppose) to something that can weigh as much as a small car. It’s hard not to see God’s hand in there somewhere.

  2. You want to REALLY provide a service? Provide us with an equally extensive, mouth watering recipe list for what to do with a etrog after this weekend. All I’ve ever found in previous searches has been seriously lame, or way too much trouble. Citron creme brulee is the ultimate aphrodisiac, n’cest pas?

  3. I think Pumpkin Ale and Pumpkin Beer are the same thing, more or less…. unless you are a both a pumpkin snob and a beer snob.

  4. There’s also pumpkin wine. But, I don’t think that you’ll find it in the aisle beside the Manischewitz. So, a recipe for that would be great too. I may be able to get one if anybody is interested.

  5. The local Sikh Gurdwara cooked a mean pumpkin curry dish for the Langar when I visited as a religious studies major. I don’t know whether it was a traditional dish or one based on local ingredients, but it was amazing.

  6. So one of my favorite cookbooks is “Play With Your Pumpkins” by Joost Elffers, who brilliantly realized the benefit to using the pumpkin’s stem as it’s nose when carving for Halloween. (or Sukkot, for that matter.) And after you’ve carved your pumpkin into a little being full of expression, you can slice it up in 12 different ways and eat it. Think of it as homage to the spirit of the temple sacrifices. But definitely try the cream of pumpkin soup, cooked and served in the pumpkin shell…

  7. And you can hollow out a pumpkin and wear it as a hat! Don’t tell me that’s not a recipe–it’s a recipe for FUN!
    (Gee, could two exams in two days be making me a little loopy? It’s weird to be back in school…)

  8. You can’t wear the pumpkins that I grow as a hat unless you have a very large head and/or extremely strong neck muscles. My best one this year weighed in at 222.5 pounds. But, there was a new world record set in RI last week at 1502.

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