9 thoughts on “420: Out From Egypt

  1. A perfect example of why one should NEVER blog while stoned.
    But still. I’ll give your buddy the benefit of the doubt and check back for uh… further insites and words of wisdom. I mean who can resist the notion of Israelites as all conquering “tantric ninja masters?”
    But who knows when that’ll be. You know stoners …

  2. my intention with it was to update it pretty regularly, It’s basically stuff i’ve been wanting to unload for a while. I wonder how often i will.

  3. how come when I smoke I get paranoid and wound up… Although when I used to take acid, I figured out how to connect everything

  4. that’s a very deep question. At one yeshiva i was the, the head rabbi claimed that acid was on the level of zeer anpin, and that marijuna was on the level of malchus. As if to say, acid is closer to divine truth, marijuna is closer ot dealing with everyday reality, which is also more corruptible, or something.
    I’ll write more about that yeshiva soon.

  5. That was a thing of beauty, and I don’t even smoke the stuff.
    I’m passing this along to several friends. Blog on!

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