700 attend Occupy Wall Street Kol Nidrei

The Facebook event had 600 by yesterday afternoon. So I figured a few hundred would actually show. Myself and others are now estimating closer to 700 or 750. This was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I suspect will shall be telling this story for many years to come.
More detail later. For now, just look at this:

8 thoughts on “700 attend Occupy Wall Street Kol Nidrei

  1. Amongst all of this occupation, the idea that Jewish individuals is truely noble, In the spirit of the holiday, I would like of offer my unique insights for finding a solution for the demonstrators as well as those being demonstrated against. It is based on the deepest spiritual roots of the TuBeshvat holiday: The idea is to relate the extraction of a garden variety weed to the inner desire to atone for our sins, by symbolically weeding out hate. The idea is beginning to catch on and is based on my German language book “Der Himmelsgarten”, that has now been accepted by the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum for scholars to review. The idea of engaging in this kind of spiritual guerilla gardening could help reveal the real scapegoat for what it is: unadulterated greed, exploitation, jelously, and hatred. I got the idea after visiting Dachau a few years ago. I was trying to think of a symobol so positive, that would act as a tremendous force to counterbalance that kind of negativity. My idea was to ask the President to assemble children from all over the world to weed out hate on the White House grounds. From that venue, every child in the world would be called upon to extract one single weed. With all of the energy in the crowds, you are in the best position to catylize a spiritual evolution to change the world for the better. Let’s weed out hate, and begin to occupy the one and only spirit of God and Nature.

    1. Check out the pingback above – it’s hilarious! The author must have gone to Jewschool, seen the banner ad at the top for the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Davidson School, and concluded that Jewschool was the Davidson School’s website!

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