8-Bit Sea-Splitting Action

Really. Frickin’ video games today. Don’t even ask me how you work this thing. Whatever happened to two-button controllers? (You know, prior to becoming fashion accessories.) Blah, anyway. Maybe this’ll elicit some memories: Exodus, a Nintendo Pesach classic from the evangelical video game company Wisdom Tree Games. Ought to keep you busy between bites of cardboard and whipped cream cheese. Er, I mean, glorious matzah.

Help Moses solve the puzzle with 100 fascinating levels featuring mazes and other obstacles to faith. With your staff and the spoken Word of God, you will defend against enemies including magicians, taskmasters, Pharaoh’s soldiers, weaknesses of man, hardened hearts, and other devices that challenge the character of God. Along the way, Moses can gather Holy oil, the armor of God, greater faith, and much more.
Illustrated with 50 colorful reward screens, this learning tool also includes 250 questions spanning the entire book of Exodus.

You can download a ROM of the game here for use with any of these excellent NES emulators for your Mac or PC. It ain’t no Vice City, but f*ck it. Enjoy it in good health.
And Pesach sameach!

2 thoughts on “8-Bit Sea-Splitting Action

  1. I reached level 12 but I have to go to sleep now.
    This is the first time I used a ROM emulator. It was fun.
    Thanks Moby!

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