A Bat Mitzvah Bought with Blood

Lizzy Brooks’ $10 million bat mitzvah (which featured 50 Cent singing “Go shorty! It’s your bat mitzvah!”) was paid for with war profits. And not just any war profits: Fraudulent war profits!
Fox reports,

David H. Brooks, the man who laid out $10 million for his daughter’s bat mitzvah celebration, has been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission since last year.
[…] His company, DHB, as reported, is a defense contractor that makes bullet-proof vests for the Army. But what published stories did not report was that DHB is now and has been the subject of several class-action suits stemming from, among other things, a government recall of those bullet-proof vests.
In May, the Marine Corps recalled 5,277 combat vests made by a DHB’s subsidiary issued to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti because of concerns that they failed a test to determine whether they could stop a bullet.

In addition, Brooks is facing charges for insider trading.
Mmmm, that’s what I call righteous dollars.

14 thoughts on “A Bat Mitzvah Bought with Blood

  1. Hello, my name is Heli’ I’m 14 yeas old
    and guess what??
    I from Israel!!
    I saw your blog and I was vary happy
    I didn’t read everything
    but I hope that you have a wonderful perfect quiet life….
    Sorry if I have any error with my spelling
    I’m going to visit here soon
    Goodbye, Heli (the name is Rachel, heli is kind of a nickname)

    I worte you here in Hebrew
    àí éù ìê îçùá áòéáøéú àúä úåëì ì÷øåà àú îä ùëúåá ôä.. àæ.. äîåï äöìçä áëì îä ùúòùä áçééí
    åúéöâ àú äéäåãéí áëáåã

  2. Anyone else find it a little more than coincidental that Fox finally covers a scandal in the defense industry when a Jew is involved?

  3. “Fraudulent war profits!”
    I didnt read the article carefully, but where does it discuss fraud. All I saw was insider trading and defective vests.

  4. check out all the antisemitic rhetoric in the comments section. it’s really horrible. i want to yell at scream at these people for wasting all this money on a bat mitzvah and being evil, and then i get preempted by people who want to scream at them for doing that and being evil JEWS. abba t’rachem…

  5. there’s no denying this is shameful — a shanda, a terrible message to send to the world, no less to one’s daughter, about what it means to have a bar/bat mitzvah. but if you follow the links – first
    “Lizzy Brooks’ $10 million bat mitzvah”, and then “Tabloid Baby” from there – there is anti-semitic vitriol on par with Jewwatch.com that goes well beyond a rich man’s tasteless party. i’m sick. I read this comment thread and I’m glued to my seat, and I can’t take my eyes off the page. Who are these people and where do they live? Are they in my classes and at the jobs I have taken? Many of them can write well; are they well-educated? Do they live in cities? Just rural areas? Do they actually know many Jews?
    Bottom line: what is the profile of your run-of-the-mill anti-semite?
    Any guesses?

  6. OK, I decided to answer those fuckers on the “Tabloid Baby” site. Better to address the anti-semites than ignore them.

  7. Does anything Fox does surprise the thinking person? Do we really expect them to report on the $120 mil that Halliburton owes the Pentagon?
    Where’s the fraud? Both selling defective equipment to the military, and insider trading is fraud.
    Anti-semites will use any excuse to be anti-semites. Doubtful any of the complaints mention the Dick and his Halliburton multimillion stock profits since the illegal war began.

  8. So, Cheney’s Halliburton stock has risen 3,281% over the last year. The options which were worth $241,498 last year are now worth more than $800,000,000. Additionally, the DOD has overpaid Halliburton by more than $130 mil. If it weren’t for the Dick’s lies, Brooks wouldn’t have had the bucks to throw his kid such an opulent party.

  9. If as Jews feel uncomfortable with anti-semitic comments than Jews should not engage in activities that spur these comments. There is no excuse for David Brooks. It is absolutely disgusting and gives fodder for anybody who tries to make out that the Iraq War was just to profit Jews. While this is obviously not true, Jews should be a bit more careful what they do so that, firstly, they do not profit from war, and secondly that the Iraq war is not seen to be for the benefit of Israel. Complaining about anti-semitism maybe self-comforting but after a while people start to put two-and-two together to make four-and-a-half. And if they don’t say it, they are at least thinking it. We as Jews have to be more careful and take responsibility and mostly be ethical. I’m worried that with idiots like David Brooks, Wolfowitz, Fastow, it’s going too far.

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