A bunch of crackers

tam.jpgI am not blogging this New York Times piece so that you will read the article, although the shortage of Tam Tam crackers is certainly a crisis that will destroy us all. I’m blogging it because the comments are totally hilarious and worthwhile! My personal highlight was posted by one Dan Stackhouse:

Look, if you’re one of the folk who have softened their ideology a bit, putting an orange on the Bima platter and all that, then here’s your solution.
Eat triscuits instead. The new flavors are really quite good, I particularly like the rosemary & oil and roasted garlic flavors.
Yes they’re not kosher, but since YHWH is all-knowing and all-understanding, it will know that tam tams are off the shelves and understand that it’s not really a slap in its face for you to eat triscuits.

Get in there!!
It’s ‘Hide the Matzo,’ for Real: Where Are the Tam Tams?

9 thoughts on “A bunch of crackers

  1. I don’t get the non-sequitor about the orange on the seder plate. According to some sources, after all, the orange came to replace a slice of bread.
    Of course, some insist that the orange was added to the seder plate in the 20th century to symbolize the Zionist redemption.

  2. The TamTams that are not produced for passover are not klp (True for most matza products, in fact. If you look at a box of matza during the rest of the year, it will likely say “Not for Passover.”)
    Now here’s my question:
    “They are akin to candy canes at Christmas or asparagus at Easter.”
    So all these years I’ve served asparagus at my seder, I’ve been engaged in Huqqat haGoyim?

  3. A couple highlights:
    “Wow, this Passover I am more relieved than ever to be a goy
    — Posted by Molly”
    “While I understand the first poster’s question, I have to say that his statement makes it clear that he is not Jewish.
    — Posted by super salad”
    “‘They kind of look like squashed oyster crackers.’
    *oyster* crackers? Do not pass go.
    — Posted by firefox_is_better”

  4. Instead of calling it a production blunder, Manischewitz ought to seize on the opportunity for a great promotion: whoever sends in 10 Tam Tam box tops wins a case of wine! It’s an afikoman hunt for the grown ups.

  5. Weirdly enough, I’m the Dan quoted originally and I just found this. And yes, I’m a goy, but my dad converted to Judaism, my step-mother and brother are Jewish, and I’ve been to around 25 seders. Thought I’d answer a question posed above: what’s the deal with the orange on the bima platter?
    Well it’s a women’s rights issue at base. When women started being ordained as rabbis, some famous conservative rabbi (don’t know who, sorry), said they had as much right to be rabbis as an orange should be on a bima platter. Thus reform Jews who wanted to make a statement that women could indeed be rabbis too started adding oranges. Also, it’s impossible for an orange to be non-kosher.

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