6 thoughts on “A Chanukah gift from Jonathan Safran Foer

  1. Is anyone else offended by this? I wonder what Christians thought about it. He redeems himself at the end but only slightly. I hope that we all find the true meaning of whatever holiday we will be celebrating thyis year.

  2. i liked the part about twice a year jews feeling guilty about their children’s christmas envy, sending them to hebrew school and creating another cycle. that was right on.
    but i think it’s weird that this was in the times. very weird. made me a bit uncomfortable.

  3. uhm, he’s making fun of jewish american hannukah being celebrated basically as a copy of christmas – not making fun of christmas…
    so when he says, christmas is the festival for kids who aren’t lucky enough to be jewish – that’s not meant to be serious.

  4. i am Christian. I liked the openess towards Christian (or any) religion that is reflected in this story. It made me feel that in the future it will be possible to live in a world where it just does not matter of you are Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim or Taoist or a Deist or Pantheist or whatever … I am in favour of just celebrating any religious holiday that is fun! Like this, we can celebrate almost all year round. I would love to find out what Hannukah is like. But so far I have not been able to make any Jewish friends who are willing to invite me. 🙂

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