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A Conversation with Judge Goldstone

Ta’anit Tzedek convened a conference call last night between Judge Richard Goldstone and 150 American rabbis. I’m still sorting through this remarkable, inspiring experience but what I’m mostly left with is this: the world owes Judge Goldstone an enormous debt of gratitude for his commitment to humanitarian ideals and much of the Jewish world owes him a huge apology for the egregious way he has been assailed for his efforts.
A full audio file of the call can be found on the Ta’anit Tzedek website.¬† Kudos to the Velveteen Rabbi, who has already transcribed major portions of the call.¬† The JTA has reported on the call today as well.
A full written transcript will be up on the Ta’anit Tzedek website this Thursday. It deserves to be read as widely as possible. Beyond its value as a new item, it provides us all with a profound, resolutely moral statement of purpose.
Please read it.

3 thoughts on “A Conversation with Judge Goldstone

  1. I would also like to add my appreciation and gratitude for this transcript and soundclip.
    There appears to me to be so much misinformation and ad hominum being reported in the news media and discussion groups regarding Goldstone and his report. It was therefore greatly appreciated and extremely useful to have access to the man’s own defence and explanation of his findings, mandate and subsequent comments.
    E.g. everywhere in pro-Israeli web-outlets I am reading this misqoute of his regarding being “saddened” by a perceived bias in the draft of the report presented to th UN.
    Good to be able to read/hear him clarifying that one.
    Thanks again for taking this initaitive and making it available. Great work.

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