A French Cardinal needs you to have his Children

They report that people are waiting for a chimney to smoke, yet I know not one. Plenty of smoke bellowed from chimneys not too long ago and people waited then too. Not bringing up the memory of 6million, partly because I rarely talk about it and in part that it would interfere with the festive mood of our “time of liberation.” Pharaoh sought to kill out the Jew boy’s, sultry Jewish mom’s forced their husbands to conceive with them… yet a huge portion of the Jews did not leave Egypt. They scoffed at G-d (and for various other reasons).
A positive word before I continue: As Bob M. said: “When I was just a kid my momma used to sing this son… this train is bound for glory … this train carry no one unholy” — every Jew will leave this Exile Alive.
There is a cardinal in a conclave named Aaron (Jean-Marie) Lustiger. His mom was killed by the Nazis. He converted at 14, you can find out all about him elsewhere. He is the point of this blogg I am not one to sit Shivah, I have heard of people sitting Shiva for their kids, by I haven’t met a mom that has, though I have met son’s who have been sat for (shout out to Heshy in Thai). Can you imagine his parents up on High looking at their son’s life? Supposedly he told Elie Wiesel that he “was born a Jew and will die a Jew.” What kind of Jew? A Jew like me and you, no doubt. Except, he is a childless Jew.
Parents want grandkids, G-d needs kids, and kids bring Redemption. The future of our people has always been reliant on having Jewish children. And it still is the deciding factor (amongst all left right and swing factors) of our peoples continued existence. The saddest thing (I have decided) to his parents is that he took away the opportunity from himself to be with a woman and to give her a babe. Granted it is not too late, he still could produce an offspring. Provided he could learn at this age to be with a woman. I am not making light, I wish he would. It pains so many people to see this man wearing a red skullcap… he doesn’t belong where he is. None of us do. We belong as a free people, living amongst G-d, like former enemies working side by side. I can not reach Aaron Lustiger right now — partly because he is locked away choosing his next father figure (orphaned), largely because I am not allowed to roam where he tries to feel at home. It is you that I request an ear: have Jewish children. Help yourselves. A vivacious (playa) young man asked me once for a blessing to have lots of sex… “May you have heaps of the best sex” I told him “and no sex is greater then unprotected sex.” In the right time, to your wives and husbands — please G-d, may you do all you can to have Jewish children.

14 thoughts on “A French Cardinal needs you to have his Children

  1. I’m sorry. What the fuck was that about? Can someone explain what is going on here. The best I can tell is that there is Cardinal of Jewish ancestry, that moses thinks should be contributing babies for the race!?!? This has something to do with the smoke in the vatican and the smoke in Nazi crematoria? I cant believe you made that analogy There are sooo many problems with this post, I don’t even know where to start.
    Lets begin with the assumption that Jewishness is a racial phenomenon and what is most important is not leading meaningful lives or increasing the justice and lovingkindness in the world, but popping out Jewish babies, ’cause any Jew (no matter what he does) is better than a non-Jew. That is fucked up! Not only that, it allows the Nazi/anti-semitic conception of Jews having biological traits to win out. How ironic that 50 years after the Holocaust Jews are beginning to use the same pseudo-science that was used by the Nazis.
    Secondly, whatever the fucked up circumstances that led Aaron Lustiger to convert, he still has freedom of conscience. Its amazing to me that so many Jews insist on holding on to folk who choose to leave. I understand the history of Jewishness based on lineal claims, but holy shit, can’t a guy make his own choices. If I didn’t love so much about our tradition go knows I would have abandoned it years ago. And if some fucker had insisted that somehow I was still Jewish. I would have punched him in the face. Hanging onto Jews like this isn’t any different than Mormons converting dead Jews. Instead of counting Jewish bodies, we should be thinking about how to make Judaism meaningful and uplifting to engage Jewish souls and encourage Jewish action that will do its small part in improving the world.

  2. Thanks Yusul…and you didn’t even touch on the incoherent, slightly unhinged tone of the whole thing.
    PLUS: Do Jewish women get any say in thsi business of popping out baby after baby? Or are we just wombs?
    If we replaced the word “Jewish” with the word “white” (German? Aryan?) in the second half of your rant, we are left with something really really disturbing.

  3. Just learnt last night in Masechet Shabbat (around folio 118 or 119) that Rabbi Yose had 5 sons, and they all became great Rabbis too. How did he get so many sons? Because he had sex twice in the same night.

  4. Moses,
    Don’t listen to these stupid fools.
    One thing I can clearly see is how much you care. I was very impressed by your post. You are speaking out of true caring and passion for our people.
    These people don’t know about Judaism if it hit them in the head. They want Judaism to conform to their own ideas.
    In their self-guilt they always put Jews last…
    Israel? Doesn’t belong to the Jews.
    A Jew turned catholic after his parents were killed? No problem…
    Jewish people being diminished? A-OK.
    They are stupid. They are ignorant. They are fools.
    Don’t let them get you down.

  5. Guess what , I just found out that the new Pope was briefly in Hitler Youth. I can’t wait to see everyone’s panties get in a bunch. Makes me cringe.

  6. yusul– I am sorry the point was lost on you. To quote you “encourage Jewish action that will do its small part in improving the world.” I did just that, Jewish kids has been the gaurentee of our people since we became a people. In simple layman terms– have the Jewish kids he is not having.
    In response to PurrpleGirl– it was the jewish woman who “forced” her husband to have children in the face of Pharoah’s threat. No one is threatning you, rather praising you and your existence.

  7. moses, you are so clearly missing the point. Having Jewish babies doesn’t make the world a better place. Some Jews make the world better, and some fuck it up. Think about what this would sound like with other groups. If someone told you that having more white babies was going to make the world a better place, wouldn’t you think he was a white-power neo-nazi fuck? Well, Jews ain’t a different more enlightened species. We are human. We’ve been fighting for 2000 years for our common humanity. Now that we’ve got it (mostly) you want to say we are biologically special? I understand wanting there to be a vibrant Jewish community, but its not about the babies. It is about helping Jews see what can be meaningful in the tradition. If you don’t do that, then we pop out Jewish babies who go find other paths. In fact, most Jews I know are so turned off with all this ranting about turning Jews into baby machines that if anything this tactic negatively impacts the community. Get it?
    Oy, with Jews like these…

  8. Yusul you dont get it,
    The point is not to make a better world but to keep our nation.
    Our sights are not as high as your we are simply looking for the Jewsih nation you are looking for the world.

  9. Schmo. what is the value of keeping the nation if it is not making the world better??
    I’m sorry your standards are so low.

  10. The notion that any Jew (no matter what he does) is better than any non-Jew is fucked up, maybe even racist, if you insist on defining Jewish people-hood biologically. There, I said it. Even if you don’t think Jews should be good people (eh?!?!), how can you continue to preach such racist shit!

  11. listen charity starts at home.
    Of course we want to help the world but not when we are in danger. First we help ourself -then we help others.
    I don’t that caring about those close to you means racism or is bad. Would you help a brother who needs help before a stranger? I would- to me that makes sense. Does that mean that you don’t want the stranger to be helped? Of course it doesn’t mean that.
    Its really that simple. I’m not just saying it so I can have some answer-I honestly feel that way. You are misreading me if you think I want bad for others.

  12. Yusul, happy belated 4.20.
    IS the word “special” used in the context of Jew Special (like a jetblue flight for 55$) found in my post? The name is “Jew School”. My blogg might not be as blogg as yours, but allow me to quote from you..”It is about helping Jews see what can be meaningful in the tradition.” Do you have children? For me, it is so meaningful. Hope you get the humanity we’re both looking for.

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