A Gentle Reminder

Dear Jewschool readers,
Recently we’ve seen a rash of comments that our editorial board has felt are unacceptably racist or hateful. A number of these comments are in response to the post Between Hebron and Jerusalem. While we realize that discussions about Israel can be very heated, it is part of this blog’s culture not to allow any racial groups to be labeled with hateful language.
As you all know, this is a place for diverse opinions about Jewish life and the big world. We encourage this to be a place of lively, passionate debate and a diversity of opinions. But we are also a place guided by the values of sh’mirat ha-lashon (guarding one’s tongue against hurtful words) and k’vod haberiyot (respect for one’s fellow). As such, hateful, mean-spirited, racist, or inciting comments will not be tolerated. If you disagree with a policy or a statement, feel free to attack it using all of your God-given powers of intellect and reason. However, if your comments devolve more into potshots or racist assault, we will simply delete them or choose not to include them in our site altogether.
This is meant to be a place of vigorous disagreement in mutual respect. As Rabbi Eliezer said: Let the honor of your fellow be as dear to you as your own.

3 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder

  1. As you all know, this is a place for diverse opinions about Jewish life and the big world.
    Please. As a lefty-liberal guy I like a majority of what is said on this blog but diverse it is not. There is a very similar, left (to far left) leaning opinion that dominates all of the post on Jewschool. Call people out for their disrespect of your work, but don’t call yourself diverse simply to employ one of our buzz words.

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