A git-morgn from VARSHE, POYLN

I’m in Warsaw and its raining buckets of love! This is my third visit, and I’m delighted to be here. I’ll be blogging my days and looking forward to carrying on a conversation in the comments about the possibilities of Jewish culture and community in Eastern Europe. Tell me what you know about this crazy place! For now, here is the view from my hotel window.

5 thoughts on “A git-morgn from VARSHE, POYLN

  1. “…about the possibilities of Jewish culture and community in Eastern Europe.”
    You mean the lively, hopping centers of Jewish life and learning in Warsaw, Lodz, Vilnius and Minsk? Let us know how that goes…

  2. it should probably be “git-murgn,” given the general pronunciation of the kumetz as a soft “u” sound as opposed to an “o” sound.
    @eric – please do not disrespect the treasures of our cultural memory. and besides, mr. x is referring to the contemporary possibilities of future jewish life in these areas.

  3. invisible hand,
    what are you taaaaaaalkin about?
    gut morgn, git yor, a kometz is a kometz. soooooooo pedantic!

  4. also, hand,
    google your suggestion and you come up with nothing. if the site supported hebrew characters consistently, the pretentions of transliteration would be mute.

  5. Invisible hand and Boymlpisher: When you have an alef komets, it’s unpredictable whether it represents an o or a u in Polish yiddish. Which one it is needs to be learned separately for each word.
    It’s an o in morgn and a u in yuur.
    So it’s git morgn, git yuur.

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