12 thoughts on “A Hanukkah Gift From Sarah Silverman

  1. WOW. I have never been more proud of my Christmas-time feelings-of-alienation- from-the-larger-culture ! Sarah Silverman is Moshiach. I can’t wait for Abe Foxman to claim that this is going to cause a pogrom. GREAT LINK, E to the V.

  2. Hilarious! And I’ve a few new ashamnus for next Rosh Hosh as result of the thoughts conjured up by Sarah in the school girl’s outfit. Oy very, I’m schvitzin’ ova here. *gulp*

  3. wasn’t the end so weird? Santa’s tied up, and apparently, unreasonably unhappy. Why isn’t he touched by her argument?

  4. Frankly, not very funny.
    Denis Leary’s “Merry F*&^%$n’ Xmas” blows it away.
    Between dreck like this and $10 million “bat mitzvahs”…

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