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A Helping Hand for Haiti

As we have seen plastered across TV, the Internet and newspapers, Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake, killing upwards of 100,000 people and leaving millions more without food, water, shelter or medical supplies. Please do your part (despite what Michael Steinhardt says) and donate whatever you can to help the island nation dig itself out and begin the painful rebuilding process. Below are just a few opportunities for you donate through a Jewish organization to help the survivors of this disaster.
American Jewish Committee
American Jewish World Service
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Joint Distribution Committee
Union for Reform Judaism
You can also Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to relief efforts in Haiti through the Red Cross.
Thank you for your help,
If you know of other Jewish organizations accepting donations or otherwise organizing to help the people of Haiti, please leave a comment with the necessary information.

7 thoughts on “A Helping Hand for Haiti

  1. great list! thanks for the info.
    is there any data on how efficient these various non-profits are at utilizing funds?

  2. Add to the list —
    Jewish Federation-Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago (
    World Union for Progressive Judaism (

  3. But wait a minute. Wouldn’t donating to those organization be exactly what Steinhardt IS asking? Isn’t he saying to give to AJWS, not to the IRC? Give to the JDC, not to the Clinton Foundation? Giving to these Jewish organizations rather than non-Jewish organizations is exactly what he’s proposing.

  4. Dlevy, with all due respect, I think you’re understanding him wrong and here is why. We can objectively determine a Jewish organization, but not a Jewish cause. There’s no way to know with any certainty, and I doubt it would even be true, that Jews today are giving less to Jewish causes. Jewish organizations? Maybe. But Jewish causes? If Catholic Charities are helping the poor, defending the orphan, etc… then donating to them is giving to a Jewish cause. Same goes for any hunger org, environmental org, social justice org, etc. In fact, the only kind of non profit that probably couldn’t be labeled as a Jewish cause would be a cultural center with no Jews or Jewish connection (like my local Somali Community Center. But even that group does work with at risk youth, tutoring, education, which could be called Jewish causes.) At some point, anyone doing good could be spun as a Jewish cause.

  5. It’s not like he made these comments in a vacuum. It’s clear that Steinhardt thinks that Jews should be giving money to organizations that “support Israel” and “promote Jewish continuity” (read: make Jewish babies).

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