4 thoughts on “A Jew Murdered in Paris

  1. A police officer originally said that the murder was not antisemitic because in the mind of the kidnapers Jews=Money. Now, that sounds like classic antisemitism to me. [I am unemployed right now and people do assume tht if you are Jewish you must have money, even many Jews.] The French government now calls it an antisemitic attack.
    It seems especially sad to me because North African Muslims attacked a North African Jew. Does anyone know how many Jews from North Africa or North African descent are in France? I think that there may be large.

  2. i’m french and sunday there will be a demonstration for Ilan. That’ s a sad event for us , i think he was tortured because he was jew , all a lot of people are antisemitic here and i’m not surprised. Well North Africa Jew is the most important jewish ethny in France. Please pray for Ilan
    and excuse for my bad bad english

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