A Jewish “Mary-Sighting”

Akin to the many bizarre “appearances” of the Virgin Mary which have drawn droves of Catholics to various locations all the world over in search of a “sign,” Sephardim are flocking to the Israeli village of Rehassim to see a soot-stain reminiscent of a well-known portrait of a famous rabbi.

The JTA reports,

Sephardi faithful are flocking to see the “miraculous” likeness of a Moroccan sage on the wall of an Israeli home.

A fervently Orthodox family in the northern village of Rehassim invited reporters to see the stain left by the soot of Sabbath candles, claiming it formed the outline of a famous portrait of the late Baba Sali. “This is a miracle, a sign that people should repent,” one visibly moved visitor told Israeli television Thursday.

The family, which did not give its name, said so many pilgrims had found their way to its home that they were now being admitted entry in two shifts.

Can I get an “oy gevalt” ova here?!

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