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"A New Beat for a New Israel" — Balkan Beat Box!

Balkan Beat Box & New Israel Fund, Sept 18th
Dudes and dudettes, I’m stoked to announce a project that’s been long coming and is now fit for public announcement — Balkan Beat Box is going to play the 13th annual New Generations Benefit, the marquee event for New Israel Fund’s young leadership gang!
All the official bladdy blah aside (see below the fold), I’ve been on the Benefit Committee for this event before and really I cannot stress how empowering and fun this cluster of people and purposes is. It’s 500 folks in their 20s and 30s, totally excited to put a few bucks down for some raffles and auctions, a great party, and (this year) one of the most rockin’ bands from the Israeli scene.
It’s empowering because all the money goes to social change in Israel. If you’re an activist doing social change work in Israel, chances are your org got it’s founding grant from NIF, currently gets NIF money, or gets consulting from NIF’s 100-person training wing, Shatil.
I had the chance to interview the Israel-side staff of Shatil and NIF, who really shocked me with some numbers. What’s stunning is that, I shit you not, nobody in the funding world is supporting grassroots orgs in Israel like NIF. You’d think the OJC could send even half of NIF’s $28 million a year. But they’re not.
Orgs working for the rights of women, gays, minorities, foreign workers, immigrants, and refugees; economic, social and racial equality; the environment; and religious pluralism and freedom. Over 100 a year.
Really, if you give a damn about real Israelis, social pioneers building their country, then this is the event and the cause for you. Sign up for the Benefit Committee. Buy a floor ticket to the show. Buy a bigger ticket to the private party. See you there.

The New Israel Fund’s New Generations Benefit is the premiere annual event for progressive supporters of Israel. The Benefit draws over 500 people and raises funds for NIF’s efforts to strengthen Israel’s democracy and promote justice and equality for all members of Israeli society.
THE NEW ISRAEL FUND is the leading human, civil, and social rights organization in Israel, and the only organization dedicated to empowering all members of Israeli society.
NEW GENERATIONS is an open and vibrant community of young professionals, social activists, and community leaders, who are committed to the work of the New Israel Fund.
BALKAN BEAT BOX blends folk music from Israel, North Africa, and the Balkans with electronica and hip hop for “a global peacekeeping mission you can dance to.”Ö²Â? – SPIN
Join the Benefit Committee for leadership perks including a private party on July 9th:
For more information and to buy tickets, go to

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