4 thoughts on “A Pagan Purim?

  1. I hope you’re not advocating such a movement to “purge the Jewish religion of impure pagan customs” or whatever.
    Anyways, Happy Purim!

  2. And there’s another one: what we eat and how we call it. Ashkenazi eat Haman-Taschen, which are cookies filled with poppy-seeds (also called “Oznei Haman”, Haman’s Ears. The official reason is that it is because “his ears fell off” or so).
    Surprisingly, the word “Haman Taschen” sounds a lot like “Mohntaschen”, which is exactly what it is in German (poppy-seed filled cookied). Surprisingly or not, some Germans eat such cookies around Fasching, their Purim (which is sometime in February).

  3. The arguments he brings are absurd, and in some aspects display an alarming ignorace, but hey, who said anything about intellectual honesty? It’s so much cooler to say everything we do we copied from ancient pagains…

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