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A season of transitions

This past week my inbox has received a flurry of transitions by notable figures in the Jewish social justice scene. And so I’d like to wish mazels to these incredible spokespeople for justice in the Jewish world:

I wish them all the best with their new positions and boundless admiration for the movement(s) they’ve helped build so far. Each of them are proud examples of rising progressive leadership within the Jewish community — and testaments to the power of building new community where none existed before.
If you want to wish these fine folks a Jewschool-community congratulations, please do so in the comments. If you know of other transitions in our community, please also announce them below.

3 thoughts on “A season of transitions

  1. Sorry to change the topic here, but why isn’t anyone talking about Goldstone’s piece in the Washington POst?

  2. Courtesy of David E., David Weisberg from Friends of Arava just moved to be the Executive Director of Freedman.
    And just a couple weeks ago, friend-of-the-blog David Wolkin was hired as Executive Director of Limmud NY!

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