A Small Step Forward

A soccer team from an Israeli-Arab village will be representing the entire country in the UEFA cup.

Bnei Sakhnin is a team with both Arab and Jewish playes, and my impression is that most of the country is (rightly) excited about their run in the tournament. I know that there is at least one group of documentary filmmakers following them around right now, and hopefully their story and the story of their village will be told to a broad audience.

Update: Bnei Sakhnin beat Albania 3-0 in the first game of round 1, more or less assuring that they will advance to round 2 (unless they mess things up in Albania). Here are the details.

2 thoughts on “A Small Step Forward

  1. So I went to the UEFA website, and they have a lot of different languages, including Chinese and Japanese, but no Hebrew or Arabic. Just an observation.

  2. How can I purchase Bnei Sakhnin soccer jerseys? I would like to use them to start the conversation about why they are special for their respecting differences.

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