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Acciones Plásticas Comes to St. Louis

The “Guatemalan Jewish Interdisciplinary Artist,” Maya Escobar created quite a buzz on this webstie (and others) when her original piece, Acciones Plásticas, opened last February in Chicago. It’s a series of five videos, each of which features a different stereotype: “…Orthodox Jew©, The JAP©, The Chach©, The Sexy Latina©, and The Mayan©. (Escobar plays all five parts)…Modeled after low-quality videos blogs, each video features a woman whose life has been visibly defined by societal expectations.”
As of this Friday, St. Louis area folks can check it out at the Bruno David Gallery. Or, if you haven’t yet, take some time to watch the videos on YouTube and MySpace- how surprised are you that many commentators take these women as the real thing?

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