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Action Alert: Tell Your Senators to Keep the Door Open for Refugees

This just in from our allies at HIAS, the moral voice of the Jewish community on refugee issues: the House passed a xenophobic bill that will make America neither more safe nor a moral leader on refugee rights before the world.
Go here to tell your Senators that you support refugees resettlement to the US — and oppose the anti-refugee “America SAFE Act.”

This is one of the most critical actions we will ever ask you to take.
The House of Representatives recently voted to pass legislation that could severely restrict refugee admissions into the United States. The “America SAFE Act” goes against our basic principles of welcoming the stranger and helping those in need. It would add layers of red tape — but no real security enhancements — to a program that is already effectively screening for security.
As the Senate prepares to debate similar anti-refugee legislation, they need to hear the voices of supporters of refugee resettlement. Send a message to your Senators now urging them to keep the door open for refugees.

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