Aggregators Aggrevating Agitators

As if Israel Insider and LGF weren’t good enough, “to combat […] unflattering media portrayals [of Israel], a group of prominent Jews [funded by former Time Warner vice chairman Merv Adelson] has banded together to create Access|Middle East, a nonprofit that will soon launch a news-rich Web site designed to be a one-stop information source for foreign correspondents and editorial writers.”

The site intends to offer “articles from 415 newspapers from around the world, peruse think-tank reports and to view video footage of prominent Israeli military, political and economic leaders. Access|Middle East will also soon be able to translate articles from publications like France’s Le Monde and Lebanon’s Dar Al Hayat into English with the click of a mouse.”

“We’re not in the business of propaganda. We’re not in the business of hasbarah,” Adelson said. “We’re in the business of providing accurate and timely information to journalists and Jewish organizations quicker and better than ever. My feeling is the truth will always, in the long-run, benefit Israel. You don’t have to spin the truth.”

Particularly not when the media outlets you carry do it for you.

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