7 thoughts on “Agudah Seeks Kiruv

  1. its so friggin rich … lubavitch was ostracized by the whole of the establishment because of their outreach efforts… now it has become so the norm.. hey mo maybe you will be mainstream within a few years yourself…

  2. Get real-
    Lubavitch was (and still is) ostracized for loony behavior, loony beliefs, and questionable tactics. No-one was against Kiruv.

  3. The part about the leaders being worried about sending people into the real world where they will encounter the “temptations of the secular world” interesting.
    They are more interested in retaining their current members and gaining new ones than letting their people make an informed decision on how they want to live their lives.
    Isn’t it more important for people to follow their hearts and do what makes them happy, rather than be another statistic of the “numbers of practicing jews.”
    Also, if their lifestyle is truly desireable that they want to bring more people into it, what is there to fear?

  4. no one was agaisnt kiruv but you have to admit lubavitch revolutiionized the whole concept of it. Its like Vcrs made by Japanese companies sure the US came up with it first but they didn’t move on it and as a result the Japanese companies became the dominant players. If the Agudah was so into kiruv why the sudden anouncement now.

  5. you are soooooooooo wrong.. the whole beef poeple had with lubavitch long before the messianic thing was kiruv.. and bor al gabey bor for the mikvaos.. oh and shach is still pissed cause he went to a lubavitch yeshivah ( kfar chabad) and was snubbeed when he tried to become rosh yeshivah ..

  6. The problem is for anyone who is a Jew and lives and partcipates in the secular world to see the religious man or woman and be drawn to them enough to want to really go in that direction is very diffilcult and it takes the right person who is in the right frame of mind to want to seek it out. The mistake is that many religious folks that I know look at everything so one sided (as they rightly or wrongly think that they are on the “path” and everyone else is so off) and expect that any Jew once exposed to that should will just fall in line and realize the errors of their ways. Now ofcouse I know that they do not expect this to happen overnight and that the process towards finding ones inner religious spirit is not going to happen in an instant, but for many that inner spirit is just not there. I have it, but many of my Jewsih friends do not …and they’ll eat a Bacon Cheeseburger and not give a s**t while I won’t touch it…
    The answer is diffilcult and driving around in Mitzvah Tanks through Manhatten blasting Jewish music is cool and definately gets some people turned on…it also truns people off completely.
    I am done ranting

  7. First off, for many people myself included, creating a Torah obsevant life is their hearts path. Having Grown up and being raised a non observent Jew, I hardely knew what Torah was. Chabad are some of the few people that are willing to help people like me who want to do tchuvah.
    Only a very small portion of total people that interact with Chabad actually become Chasisd chassids. Although they are always taking about the Rebbe, The goal for most schluchum is not to get you to put on a black hat, just to help every yid have a realtionship to Torah if they want. Also, the Rebbe, who arguable founded the most sucessfull modern kiruv movement, didn’t like the word Kiruv. (But neither do most Kiruv organizations).

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